A player accidentally blowing himself up with his own grenade.
Fragging another player with the akimbo power up (dual pistols).
A shotgun at short range.
Being fired at by the enemy, while scoping-in on the enemy and firing upon them.
A sub-machine gun on ac_mines.
You've just scored, and an enemy is already trying to capture your flag!
This is why you don't camp!
(Special thanks to jamz for this image)


A dramatic AssaultCube trailer.
An AssaultCube music video, based on real AssaultCube sound effects. Custom player skins were used in this video.
Map: ac_desert
Mode: Team One Shot, One Kill
Map: ac_complex
Mode: Deathmatch
Notes: The author of this video has modified his settings for better effects.
This video is from AC version 0.93

Download it here:

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